Thanksgiving: More Than Money

By | 2016-11-24

Going to keep this short and sweet today as I am anxiously awaiting the early Vikings kick off. The bulk of the content on this site is finding ways to save, earn or invest more money – but I don’t want to lose focus of the “why” factor. The short version is Security, Family, Friends, Growth, Experiences and Freedom (see Discover Your Financial Motivation for the longer version). Today is a day to be thankful – lets have at it.

A lot of amazing things have happened this year that I am grateful for – in no particular order:

  • Baby on the way (okay maybe this one is in particular order) and Mrs. AE for being an amazing mom already. The little girl is going to be lucky to have her.
  • First time uncle
  • Family Time
    • We have hit a major holiday with every side of the family
    • Enjoyed a 5 day cabin trip with my immediate family over the 4th of July
    • Visited my sister for a cheap vacation that let me feel like a college kid again
    • Ice fishing trip with my brothers and Dad (new-ish family tradition that I hope continues for a long time)
  • A healthy year all around for Mrs AE and I
  • Promotions and raises – beyond the money it is nice to feel like your work is recognized and appreciated
  • Watching 2 of my best friends get married
  • Continuation of the craft beer explosion in MN
  • 1,000 other things that I can’t recall right now

Last but not least – All of YOU

I want to highlight the best part of creating this site – the people I have found:

  • Like minded people who share strategies, push new thoughts and challenge the norm – all while remaining respectful of differing opinions and backgrounds (this seems so rare to me in the internet age)
  • Go beyond money and remind us that we are privileged and should help others out along the way (few recent articles I want to shout out to)
  • People that are willing to build each other up (thank you to everyone who has guest posted – or allowed me to ramble on you site). We are in this together and no matter how much I try to share, you all find a way to share more. I wonder if some of you have a magically 25th hour that I haven’t uncovered yet.

I look forward to meeting a lot more of you next year (and some hopefully sooner). For those of you in the US – Enjoy Thanksgiving. If you are outside the US, its almost Friday.

For the Black Friday deal seekers out there good luck! Don’t mow down anyone that doesn’t deserve it!

9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: More Than Money

  1. Amanda @ centsiblyrich

    “I want to highlight the best part of creating this site – the people I have found.” Blogging has introduced me to a whole other world I didn’t know existed. I’m thankful to be a part of this supportive, brilliant, kind – just plain amazing community as well! Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. AE!

    1. Apathy Ends Post author

      You as well Amanda! – Great community solving a huge problem

  2. Physician On FIRE

    The best part of the Vikings game was watching my Dad & brother, who are not used to children being around much, try not to swear. I had to finish a couple of their outbursts with “is our savior. Amen.”

    Dinner was awesome, though. Thanks for the mention, and I look forward to more beers and good conversation in the future!


    1. Apathy Ends Post author

      hahaha – that is something I nee to start practicing as well. I shouldn’t watch vikings games in front of children

  3. ChrisCD

    POF, that is awesome. My son that went away to college has picked up a “mouth” which is quite sad. Neither his mom, nor I use fowl language.

    Apathy Ends – I haven’t “known” you long, but keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading you more.

    Have an awesome Friday and Beyond!!!
    cd :O)

    1. Apathy Ends Post author

      Thanks Chris, will do what I can and appreciate you reading/commenting!

  4. Mr. Groovy

    Congratulations on an awesome year, AE. And congratulations on baby AE. Mrs. AE is no doubt great, but baby AE will be lucky to have you around as well. Love the ice fishing tradition. That’s what life is all about. Forty years from now, you won’t give a rat’s arse about the clothes, cell phones, and cars you once owned. But you’ll cling tightly to those ice fishing memories.

    1. Apathy Ends Post author

      Thanks Mr Groovy, I will do whatever I can for that little girl!

      Definetely something I will remember, I already look forward to it every year. Its a great time.

  5. ChooseBetterLife

    What warmed my heart most this year was that when I go to my nieces’ performances and events, they run straight to me afterward (and completely ignore their mom and grandma). I love that they feel so comfortable with us and hope that we’ll still be a healthy outlet and safe place for them when they reach the teenage years. It takes a village…


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