A “Cheap” $2,000 lesson in Investing

I was reading through Financial Samurai’s “Tough Love” post and thinking back to situations when I could have used a dose of reality…….. Unfortunately, I was given great advice by many individuals and crapped all over it. It’s too bad, but “better late than never” doesn’t always apply and I can’t re-coup my losses.  Time to throw… Read More »

The Best Financial Strategy You Can Use

Today’s guest post comes from Thias. Thias is a husband, father, and CPA from Wisconsin who blogs about pursuing financial freedom and a remarkable life over at It Pays Dividends. If you read a lot about personal finance, you begin to see that there are A LOT of different strategies, techniques, and tools you can… Read More »

Is Tracking Net Worth Adding Value?

Before we started setting yearly goals, our Net Worth was the only financial benchmark I tracked. As we started investing bigger portions of our salary (15-20% of our after tax income) it started shifting dramatically. At the beginning of 2015, we started focusing on specific yearly goals. Tracking our Net Worth fell off my priority list for awhile. Since starting… Read More »

5 Money Moves You Need to Make

Over the last few weeks I have spent a lot of time thinking about the events that have improved our financial situation. While I am a firm believer in small incremental changes over time, there are a few moves that stand out over the rest. Obviously, these aren’t a get rich quick scheme, but some… Read More »

Introduction to Dividend Growth Investing

The most common style of investing the FIRE community recommends is index investing; it’s simple, low cost and easy. But there’s another style of investing that works well for a section of finance bloggers; Dividend Growth Investing (DGI). I invited Tristan and Jasmin from Dividends Down Under to do a guest post on Dividend Growth… Read More »

How We Saved over $20,000 with a Mortgage Refinance

Mortgage Interest Rates dropping over the last year to historic lows have presented a unique opportunity to consider a Mortgage Refinance. Knowing we could potentially save thousands of dollars on one of our biggest expenses, I finally decided to get my act together. Our Current Mortgage We were on the unlucky side when we locked in on… Read More »

Apathy Ends on Canadian Budget Binder Today

What??? A Saturday post? Not going to be much in this one, just want you to head over to Canadian Budget Binder today and check out my feature in the Making A Difference series! You can check out some Budget Brags and Frugal Recipes while you are over there. Thanks for reading – Enjoy your… Read More »

Be Assertive not an A**hole

Taking a step away from the normal Personal Finance topic today to share a life lesson. I don’t know why this particular situation bothers me so much but I have been thinking about it for weeks and I need to put it on the internets. The moral of the story is, Be assertive, but not… Read More »

Why I Made The Life Altering Decision To Quit The 9-to-5

I am intrigued by Graham’s story, he made a decision that not a lot of people have the guts to do. I was really curious what took him from an idea to action and who better to tell you than the man himself! Be sure to head over to Reverse the Crush and check out the full… Read More »