Creating a job you want to do

By | 2016-11-02

Joining the workforce directly out of high school or college rarely turns out to be as exciting as people anticipate. Shortly after starting your job, the excitement over your adult paycheck passes and the job itself can drain your happiness.

In almost 6 years at my current (and only) employer I have created 2 new positions in 2 different departments that I wanted to do. The main reason I decided to create roles instead of simply leaving is I generally liked the opportunity and culture of my current employer (the vacation time policy is also a plus).

Rolling the dice with a new company was plan B, but I decided to take a chance and solve my own problem.

Job = Money

For those of you that love your career, you can ignore this section. I am truly happy that you found a calling you believe in that also pays the bills. More people don’t do something they love because it is way harder. Its either lower pay or higher barriers to entry.

Right now and for the foreseeable future, I will be a sell out. While I don’t hate my job by any stretch, if I had the choice I wouldn’t get up at 5:30 AM. Shower, get dressed, and jump on a bus every morning. The puppy dog eyes from our dog are almost enough to get me to call in sick every day.

I am choosing money over passion. Simple as that.

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2 thoughts on “Creating a job you want to do

  1. Alexander @ Cash Flow Diaries

    Haha yeah I dont like working for anyone, waking up at a designated time each morning, driving the same commute each day, etc.. Its a nightmare. Which is why Im doing everything I can right now to get out of that lifestyle. The only way I know how is to create enough passive income to pay all my costs of living.

    I think im halfway there now. 🙂

  2. Divi Cents

    For me, it is somedays I love my job, other days I don’t.

    I work in a very stressful position doing emergency repair work on ships. Everything is time sensitive and ALWAYS a rush.

    It can be thrilling when things work well but when things go sideways, it’s not so good.

    I’m creating my second job buy Investing and so far it is a great supplemental income but not quite enough to carry my family just yet.



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