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Building a House: Tips and Financial Impacts

Deciding where to live is a huge decision, there are countless factors to be taken into consideration. School districts, costs, housing associations, commute time. For this post I am going to specifically talk about building a house vs buying an existing one. How we ended up Building a House over Buying We made a few mistakes buying… Read More »

Common Money Mistakes You Can Correct in an Hour

People struggle with actually taking action and continuously put off small tasks that seem insignificant, but cost them thousands in the long run. Read on if you want to see some Common Money Mistakes and how a little action can correct them in an hour. Common Money Mistakes: Banking Abysmal Interest Rates I am shocked… Read More »

Your Money World Should be Ruled by Percentages

Percentages are the great equalizer, it doesn’t matter how large or small the number, when you convert to a percentage you can compare any financial metric. It doesn’t matter if you have 10K or 10 Million, make 30K a year or 30K a month, let percentages guide your decisions. The main reason I love percentages… Read More »

Credit Card Spending Review – Month 2

Last month I started going through our credit card bill line by line to see where our money was actually going. I found it to be a very worthwhile exercise and set a goal for the next month – simply cut $15 of “bad” purchases out every week. As I mentioned in my Savings Rate as a… Read More »

Savings Rate as a Budget

When I think of a traditional budget, there is a spreadsheet with a list of “buckets” that are allocated a portion of your income. Each “bucket” is given an amount that is somewhere between an estimate and a guess (or guestimation if you want to use technical terms). Example: We have never had success guestimating our spending… Read More »