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More money wont make you happy? Nonsense.

There is some research out there showing a magical drop off point where making more wont improve your happiness. My Initial reaction is thats a bunch of bull. If more money isn’t making you happy, you are doing something wrong. Before the pitch forks and lanterns come out, I am not taking aim at early… Read More »

From Financial Dumpster Fire to FIRE Pursuant

Long time readers know that we were not in a good place before we got serious about turning our financial life around. But I don’t think I have shared all the parts that contributed to our situation or “Financial Dumpster Fire” as I like to call it. The story is a little on the long side,… Read More »

Iterate your way to Financial Mastery

I push for people to take action on their personal finances, it says it in fancy letters right under the name on this site (look up). One of the my favorite lines  is “Knowledge without action is worthless” and I 100% percent believe that. But…. one thing I haven’t spent any time on is, what… Read More »

The 7 Levels of Frugality – Find Your Sweet Spot

After reading 1000’s of posts and articles from across the Personal Finance spectrum combined with some personal experiences I decided to take a crack at The 7 Levels of Frugality. Are there broad generalizations? ——- Yes.   Are they 100% accurate? —— No, but I think most people can peg themselves in a two category… Read More »

Status Update: Baby, Blog and Income

Thanks for checking back in with Apathy Ends, this is going to be a short and sweet post on the action around the AE household. Baby News We had our 20 week ultrasound on Monday and I am happy to announce its a GIRL!!!!!! Mrs AE and future Little AE are both doing great and everything… Read More »

You’re Debt Free, What’s Next?

Allan Liwanag is a personal finance blogger who paid off at least $40K debt and saved $70K in 2.5 years. An analyst by day and dedicated blogger by night, he loves to share his thoughts – based on his research and experience – on topics related to family, life, and money. He owns The Practical Saver.… Read More »

Dealing With Spending Outside Your Control

If you have ever uttered the phrase “Taxes Suck” or “My POS washing machine cost me a fortune” this post is for you! It seems like every time I am in a group setting someone starts whining about spending money on something outside of their control. In fact, I have heard it enough that I filled… Read More »