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More money wont make you happy? Nonsense.

There is some research out there showing a magical drop off point where making more wont improve your happiness. My Initial reaction is thats a bunch of bull. If more money isn’t making you happy, you are doing something wrong. Before the pitch forks and lanterns come out, I am not taking aim at early… Read More »

Making a Difference $20 at a Time

Making a difference doesn’t take hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can change someones day with a thoughtful gesture or an unexpected $20 surprise. If you don’t believe me you should head over to the Rockstar Community Fund thread and read all of the amazing stories people shared. An Unexpected Gift The Rockstar Finance team started with… Read More »

Low Cost Gift Games that Maximize Fun

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, its time for the late season shoppers to get out and help the US stack on some more consumer debt. WalletHub is projecting that the US will  “end 2016 with a net increase of roughly $80 billion in credit card debt.” If you still have some shopping to… Read More »

Thanksgiving: More Than Money

Going to keep this short and sweet today as I am anxiously awaiting the early Vikings kick off. The bulk of the content on this site is finding ways to save, earn or invest more money – but I don’t want to lose focus of the “why” factor. The short version is Security, Family, Friends, Growth,… Read More »

Be Assertive not an A**hole

Taking a step away from the normal Personal Finance topic today to share a life lesson. I don’t know why this particular situation bothers me so much but I have been thinking about it for weeks and I need to put it on the internets. The moral of the story is, Be assertive, but not… Read More »

Homemade Meals to Feed Our Need for Great Food

After many months of asking Mrs. AE to make a come back on this site, she finally agreed! If you haven’t read her first appearance you should check it out, it was a top post for a long time. I am just glad this one isn’t at my expense. Take it away Mrs AE! One… Read More »

How to Save Money on Transportation Costs

As a Public Transportation user for the last 5.5 years, I have taken the savings for granted. I knew my bus pass was cheaper than driving, simply because a month of parking was more than my bus pass. One comment from a co-worker motivated me to sit down and actually figure out how much we… Read More »