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Would you be a Millionaire if you stopped investing Today

Being a personal finance nerd, I like to play around with different return rates and account balances over time. I wondered if our investment balance was enough to carry us to millionaire status without adding another penny. The next question that popped into my head was how much we would need to set aside for our… Read More »

Iterate your way to Financial Mastery

I push for people to take action on their personal finances, it says it in fancy letters right under the name on this site (look up). One of the my favorite lines  is “Knowledge without action is worthless” and I 100% percent believe that. But…. one thing I haven’t spent any time on is, what… Read More »

A “Cheap” $2,000 lesson in Investing

I was reading through Financial Samurai’s “Tough Love” post and thinking back to situations when I could have used a dose of reality…….. Unfortunately, I was given great advice by many individuals and crapped all over it. It’s too bad, but “better late than never” doesn’t always apply and I can’t re-coup my losses.  Time to throw… Read More »

5 Money Moves You Need to Make

Over the last few weeks I have spent a lot of time thinking about the events that have improved our financial situation. While I am a firm believer in small incremental changes over time, there are a few moves that stand out over the rest. Obviously, these aren’t a get rich quick scheme, but some… Read More »

Introduction to Dividend Growth Investing

The most common style of investing the FIRE community recommends is index investing; it’s simple, low cost and easy. But there’s another style of investing that works well for a section of finance bloggers; Dividend Growth Investing (DGI). I invited Tristan and Jasmin from Dividends Down Under to do a guest post on Dividend Growth… Read More »

Investment Risk is More Than Losing Money

Figuring out where to put your money can be a confusing and stressful undertaking. Recently, a reader that has stayed away from the stock market asked “how to get comfortable with the thought of losing money.” That is a very good question that comes up a lot in other investing conversations I have had. It… Read More »

Discover Your Financial Motivation

Before we started down the Financial Independence path, my only Financial Motivation was to earn more to buy more. We had the dream of being a millionaire just because we thought that made us “rich.” Saving and paying off debt were not even on our radar. Our lifestyle was working against our goals. Picking an… Read More »

Should I Invest or Pay Down Debt?

Should I invest or pay down debt? I have had this question come in through a few emails and it always comes up in personal finance conversations. Before we get to far into the question itself, I want to highlight that simply asking this question shows that you are on the right path. If you aren’t… Read More »

Company Stock: Must own or Hard Pass?

Depending on the circumstances, owning company stock can be a great opportunity or a grave mistake. In this post, I am going to walk through my thought process and ask you to weigh in on my approach in the comments. First I want to discuss my specific situation, then I will break down all the… Read More »