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Creating a job you want to do

Joining the workforce directly out of high school or college rarely turns out to be as exciting as people anticipate. Shortly after starting your job, the excitement over your adult paycheck passes and the job itself can drain your happiness. In almost 6 years at my current (and only) employer I have created 2 new… Read More »

The Best Financial Strategy You Can Use

Today’s guest post comes from Thias. Thias is a husband, father, and CPA from Wisconsin who blogs about pursuing financial freedom and a remarkable life over at It Pays Dividends. If you read a lot about personal finance, you begin to see that there are A LOT of different strategies, techniques, and tools you can… Read More »

Apathy Ends on Canadian Budget Binder Today

What??? A Saturday post? Not going to be much in this one, just want you to head over to Canadian Budget Binder today and check out my feature in the Making A Difference series! You can check out some Budget Brags and Frugal Recipes while you are over there. Thanks for reading – Enjoy your… Read More »

Financially Preparing for a Family

Even though we have only been expecting for a little over 3 months, we started planning for our family years ago. It doesn’t take a lot of research to know kids are expensive. Between insurance and child care alone it will cost us around $1,400 a month. Just the thought of coming up with that… Read More »

What Do You Think You Know?

Today’s post comes from Elsie at Gundo Money, head over to her blog and check it out if you aren’t already a reader! A couple years ago I started watching this show called Brain Games. If you haven’t seen it, the show is full of all kinds of little tests and illusions for your mind.… Read More »

From Zero to Hero: Skills to Advance Your Life

As you wade through life you move from the bottom of the ladder to the top. The kicker is, you are only on top long enough to enjoy the move for a brief spell before tumbling back to earth and starting from the bottom again. The typical cycle looks something like this: Freshman -> Senior ->Freshman -> Senior ->… Read More »

Benefits of Long Term Financial Relationships

Today you can find my second guest post over at Stefan’s blog – The Millennial Budget Choosing where to keep your money and who will represent you in financial transactions is a very important decision. Most people do little research and don’t ask the right questions. More importantly they do not think ahead and make… Read More »