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A year in Review: 2016 Financial Goals

Whoa! Its almost the end of 2016! That means we need to check in and see if we gloriously passed or miserably failed with the Financial Goals we set last year. If you haven’t seen this done before, we publish our goals to hold our self accountable and periodically check in on our progress. We… Read More »

Discover Your Financial Motivation

Before we started down the Financial Independence path, my only Financial Motivation was to earn more to buy more. We had the dream of being a millionaire just because we thought that made us “rich.” Saving and paying off debt were not even on our radar. Our lifestyle was working against our goals. Picking an… Read More »

Long Term Goals: Hold Yourself Accountable

Up until this point I have not spent a lot of time setting long term goals. While it has worked for us to date, it feels like we are being short-sighted. Mrs. A.E. and I decided to sit down and write out our thoughts for everyone to see. Publishing our 2016 Financial Goals has paid off… Read More »