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Creating a job you want to do

Joining the workforce directly out of high school or college rarely turns out to be as exciting as people anticipate. Shortly after starting your job, the excitement over your adult paycheck passes and the job itself can drain your happiness. In almost 6 years at my current (and only) employer I have created 2 new… Read More »

Getting a Raise – Quick Tips

This topic is written on frequently, and for good reason, who doesn’t want more money? You could be making way more money than you need already, but if someone came to you and asked if you wanted a raise – you would say “AHHHHH F YES” without even thinking about it. Ironically, as I am… Read More »

Early Career Advice for Young Professionals

While the primary target for this post is younger professionals, I think the below tips can benefit anyone that is looking to move up in their career. I am ignoring the obvious starting career advice (like show up on time) and going a little further in depth for people who are serious about advancement. Dont’s… Read More »