About A.E.

I have never been good at writing about myself, performance reviews and resumes are torture so I am going to do this bullet point style.

The Basics

  • My Wife (Mrs. AE), dog (Finnegan) and I recently built a house in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN
  • 29 year old Project Manager at a technology company downtown (Mrs. AE works at the same company)
  • Our Financial Goal is to become financially independent by 40 and start doing things we enjoy to generate income instead of working for someone else


  • Ice fishing
  • Brewing Beer
  • Gardening
  • Attempting to make delicious food in our new smoker

Why I started Apathy Ends

About 3 years ago I was facing a massive amount of debt, was saving about 3% of my income and was not making enough money to do anything about it. With the help of some personal finance books and some fellow personal finance bloggers our life has completely turned around. We are saving over 30% of our income, and have cut our debt in half.

I started this site for 3 reasons:

  • Accountability – Hold ourselves accountable by publishing our journey
  • Try something new – Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and building something that is my own
  • Add my voice – The personal finance community is amazing, I have been a frequent commenter on many other sites and felt like I had something valuable to add


Thanks for reading!