5 Things I am Tired of Hearing About Money

By | 2016-10-31

When you spend a lot of your free time reading and thinking about personal finance, there are going to inevitably be some things that you are tired of hearing about. I decided to put my thoughts down internet paper and see if anyone shares in my opinions on these popular money phrases.

5 Things I am Tired of Hearing About Money

1. “I need more”

Probably the most common money phrase I hear uttered. First off, I think they mean “want” not need as most people that use this line have a home and food.

Second. If you need want more money, go out and get it. Its an ABUNDANT resource and there are 1000’s of ways to get your hands on some cash. Ask for a raise, or side hustle your way to the bank.

When you can replace “I need more” with “I earned more” you are doing something right.

Another option, you could also keep more of the money you are currently spending on non-essentials. If you are just going to blow it on stupid crap you might as well not even work for it.


“Just get the bare essentials, this is the last of our dough”

Sorry, this is the only place I felt I could get away with using a Dumb and Dumber quote in 10 months of blogging. Had to be done.

If you want more, go out and get it

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3 thoughts on “5 Things I am Tired of Hearing About Money

  1. Rachel @ The Latte Budget

    Completely agree with point #1. I hate hearing people complain about not having enough money. You can side hustle or ask for a raise. If you can’t do that, you can always search for a newer, and higher paying, job.

    I started blogging a year ago and am astonished at how much I am able to make through that and the opportunity blogging gave me to freelance write. It was literally SO EASY to start earning more money!

    Wonderful post!

    1. Apathy Ends Post author

      Thank you – a little research and work can go a long way pretty quick – both on the side hustle and raise side.

      Appreciate the commebt


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