15 Tips to Make Future You Happy

By | 2016-11-21

I used to rely on my brain to keep everything in my life organized. As we added more activities, bills and general complexity into our life, some of the smaller things started slipping. We started implementing some strategies to make everything easier. Below is a list of 15 things you can do to make future you happy. Are you ready to do yourself a huge favor?

15 Tips to Make Future You Happy

1.Set Payment Reminders

If you do not auto-pay your bills, set reminders on your calendar to notify you as bills come up. I used to rely on memory but have switched over to a reminder system for the few bills that aren’t automatic.

2. Clean before leaving for vacation

Obviously people get excited to go on vacation, and we are not an exception. But coming home to a house with dirty dishes or a pile of laundry makes ending the vacation even worse. Take an hour and set post vacation you up for success and tidy up before you leave.

3. Keep a UN/PW List

When your cable/internet stops working and you need a password to get service……better hope your significant other didn’t pick the password and forget to tell you. This one is from experience, put together a un/pw list (that is also PW protected with something you both wont forget).

4. Buy Gifts in Advance

Mrs. AE has finished all of our X-Mas shopping already. She spread it out over 3 months so we didn’t have a huge stressful hit on our monthly Credit Card bill. Now I just need to figure out what to get her……

5. Prepare Meals in Advance

There are 2 stages of meal prep. Freezer meals and On-demand prepared.

Freezer Meals – All the ingredients are chopped and sorted for either the crock pot or straight to plan

On-Demand Prepared – All the ingredients you need to make a meal are on hand and accessible when you need them.

We have tried freezer meals but don’t do it consistently (might change when the baby comes). We do plan our weekend/dinner meals out for the week and make sure we have everything needed to whip them up after work.

6. Take advantage of Sales

Buy in bulk when there are good sales on products you use consistently that don’t expire. We have hoarded toothpaste and laundry detergent when we find a good deal.

7. Pre-Pay for Vacations

This one is something we need to get better at. Whenever we book a big vacation that is a long ways out we have always paid the minimum to hold the reservation. Our new goal is to pay at least half up-front so we don’t punt the expense down the road. Remember – don’t let your vacation put you in debt.

8. Keep up with Standard Maintenance

Maintain what you have already spent money on! There are a ton of maintenance items that I could list out, but the biggies are your vehicle and furnace/air conditioning unit. Spend the $20-30 and replace furnace filters and change the cars oil. This is another good area to set a schedule for on your computer or phone – put it out of mind and let technology tell you what to do.

9. Track your Warranties

You know all those little warranty cards that come with everything you buy? Stop throwing them a way and designate a spot to keep them. Keeping these has already saved us time and money when our washing machine broke.

10. Prepare for work the night before

This is one of my favorite ones on the list, getting ready for work in the morning sucks a lot less when you have everything ready to go. I have forgotten my laptop at home and only realized it when I sat down at my desk. Going to make a sandwich without bread was a monthly occurrence for a while.

Also – I have spent 5 minutes trying to find socks on more than one occassion, setting my clothes out has made our mornings a lot less hectic.

11. Check your credit score

Credit scores are not only important for getting the best interest rate possible, but they also give a great snapshot of all your open accounts. Take 5 minutes a month to check your score and new inquiries, future you will be happy to know any identity theft will be caught early.

12. File Organization

Not being able to find something when I need it drives me crazy! Unfortunately I only have myself to blame when there things are hiding in super weird places (the guest room closet is a logical place to keep home closing documentation right???).

Moving forward we have sectioned off an area in our closet for all important paperwork, next step is to actually organize it in a discoverable way.

13. Garbage and Recycling Schedule

This one seems so easy, but the first time you stick yourself with a full garbabe can over the holidays you wont forget it. Program the garbage and reclying days into that magical calander and set the reminder before you leave for work. You don’t want a stinky garbage bin, especially in summer.

14. Financial Emergency Plan

Take time to create a Financial Emergency Plan and put together an Emergency Fund. It safeguards you and your family against so many events. Significant stress reducer!

15. Save Energy at Home

Lower those energy bills by shutting off lights, running fewer loads of laundry and most importantly set a heating/cooling schedule on your thermostat! Don’t keep it toasty warm when you aren’t home or sleeping.

Building Habits

All of the above actions can easily be done once, but it takes time to build them into habits. If you have trouble getting things ready for work, force your self to set things up the night before Every Day until it becomes second nature. I never used to set alarms or schedules the more I use them the more I like them. Set a minute aside and make it easier on future you.

Are there any things you do to make your future self happy?

Bonus Tip: If you live in Minnesota and want to have beer for the Vikings game buy it on Saturday


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16 thoughts on “15 Tips to Make Future You Happy

  1. Financial Panther

    Getting ready for work the night before is a smart idea. It’s something I always tell myself to do, but I always end up finding an excuse not to do it. Inevitably, I end up scrambling in the morning. Curse past me!

    1. Apathy Ends Post author

      Not being able to find something I need before work drives me crazy. After writing this, I forgot my wallet because I spend to much time trying to get ready to leave for the holiday weekend. Fail.

  2. ChooseBetterLife

    #2 is huge! Coming back to an overflowing mailbox and inbox is enough to deal with, so it’s nice when the sheets and towels are clean and the trash hasn’t been rotting in the kitchen all week.
    We also keep a frozen pizza or other easy meal on hand for when we get home from a trip late, and if my parents have been out of town I’ll drop off milk, bread, and bananas the morning before they get home so they won’t have to run to the store right away.

    1. Apathy Ends Post author

      We have made the Trash mistake before, not an enjoyable experience.

      That is an awesome gesture!

  3. Daniel Palmer

    Great list. I like how you’ve touched on short term, medium term and long term planning! Definitely a fan of auto pay- no reason to spend any time thinking about bills you’re gonna pay anyway!

    1. Apathy Ends Post author

      Agreed on Autopay – makes everything a lot easier. I am a little nervous that the credit union we just switched to will have crappy payment selections for our mortgage refi.

  4. G
    Graham @ Reverse The Crush

    Great tips!
    I can definitely relate to preparing for work the night before. It’s never fun to wake up and rush while you’re tired. Preparation can be the difference maker. Preparing for meals in advance is another huge time saver.
    As for ways to make myself happy, I have most of my bills preauthorized so it’s easier to manage. I also find eating healthier helps a lot, although I’ve been struggling with that lately. Exercise is another happiness booster.

    1. Apathy Ends Post author

      I missed the keep yourself healthy bucket on this list and those are great additions.

      I have to figure out the freezer meal thing, certain vegetables were getting a rubbery texture after being cut and frozen. sure someone has figured it out.

  5. Mrs. Groovy

    A lot of great tips here. #7 hit home. It’s a great feeling to return from a vacation knowing it’s already been paid for. I, too, love payment reminders. We’re mostly on auto pay but th reminder helps me make sure we’ve got enough in checking to cover the expense.

    1. Apathy Ends Post author

      I have been paying for my winter trips up front and I know it will feel great when I don’t have to worry about it later. Deferred happiness!

      Appreciate the comment Mrs. Groovy!

  6. Miss Mazuma

    Great round up of tips. I’ll second Mrs.G – coming home from a paid for vacation is truly relaxing…especially since you cleaned the house before you left! I also just pressed the landlord into getting an new thromostat…BF still has the wanky dial turn one. 😕

    But, let’s face it, key in this whole post is the no beer on Sunday’s for Vikes fans… My BF was just up there for a game and thankfully his cousin had the foresight to go shopping on Saturday. 😉

  7. J
    Jessica @ The Finance Spa

    I totally agree with cleaning your house before your vacation. I always do this and it ensures a stress-free arrival home, meaning a happier me! Staying organized is a great way to relieve stress.

  8. Danielle

    Great tips! These are all so helpful in your day to day life. It makes life so much easier when you’re organized. The only thing I’m not doing is tracking my warranties…I know they’re around here somewhere! Auto bill pay and preparing for work the night before are huge in my every day life. Who wants to make coffee or pick out clothes early in the morning? And pre-made meals save so much time and energy. We shop every Sunday for food for the week, and I make and freeze meals in batches so its easy to throw in a bag and take to work. Plus it keeps you from overeating!

  9. M

    Just saw your list, and I totally agree with all of it! It’s so funny how doing little things can make such a big difference. My husband always gets frustrated because I am insistent about cleaning the house before going on vacation (or leaving the house to go anywhere!) but it really does help when you come back and don’t feel stressed to get a million and 1 things done. Such good ideas, I will definitely start implementing some more of these!

  10. Michelle

    Haha! With 3 kids, I love the laundry tip. Most of my vacations are in Wisconsin with my family. I tend to pack enough for a few days and do wash WHILE I’m on vacation. Coming home with clean laundry is the BEST.


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